She Just Made His Day

If you’re new to the strip and don’t want to spend all day catching up, Yetta’s Wyrd is now available at Archive Binge.

Archive Binge lets you set up a custom RSS feed for a webcomic, which will feed you comics faster than they’re being updated. You can control how fast you receive comics, up to ten per day. Once you’re caught up, you can delete the feed and switch to reading the comics straight from the site.

Pretty cool!

Recently a couple of people I’ve never heard of registered as users of this site.

I thought that was odd, as there’s currently no benefit to registering—you already can see everything there is to see, and post comments about it. None of the half-dozen people I know who read this comic have registered, so why would total strangers bother?

Total strangers whose user names bear no resemblance to the gmail addresses given?

Turns out it’s a worm, trying to hack my site.

And here I thought my readership had doubled.

I think trying to maintain a daily comic is an unrealistic goal for me (at least until I get the process streamlined), so I’ll just aim for two or three a week.  The new setup includes an RSS feed, so that will make it easier to see when a new comic is up.